Privacy Policy

The Pacific Travels privacy policy is established with the vision to help to create remarkable and substantial travel experiences by increasing the value of each travel experience and creating prospects in which people can meet other people and enjoy nature and culture through their travels and fulfill business objectives.

Pacific Travels understands that the protection of private information of our customers, associates- business and otherwise and everyone who is concerned with Pacific Travels is our collective responsibility. We are committed to carry out the following policies in the protection of private information.

1. Pacific Travels has assigned Information Protection Manager to manage information of our customers, clients and specify the information protection measures to be taken and appropriately realize them.

2. If Pacific Travels receives a request for private information by an individual or an organization, Pacific Travels will recognize the purpose of use thereof and acquire such information only to the extent required for the purpose of business in a lawful and sensible manner and will use and/or provide such information only within the confines of the specified purpose.

3. Pacific Travels will apply safety rules to manage dangers/threats regarding private information such as being retrieved in an illegal manner, being revealed, lost, or wickedly damaged or destroyed, and will take executive and technical measures to avoid risks and implement remedial measures if a problem appears.

4. In the case of outsourcing any of Pacific Travels’ tasks to other companies managing private information, Pacific Travels will appeal and oversee such companies to handle the pertinent private information in the same proper manner as handled in our company.

5. Pacific Travels will detect laws and ordinances on safeguard of private information, governmental rules and other social norms, and will attempt to frequently develop the Management System through consistent assessment.

6. In the case where any customer requests our company to disclose and/or correct private information that has been kept by our company and which belongs to such customer, Pacific Travels will respond appropriately in accordance with laws and ordinances on safeguard of private information, and other social norms. Pacific Travels will respond in good faith to any and all grievances or meeting requests regarding private information that has been kept by Pacific Travels.

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